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“With your help, making progress with her social anxiety. Baby steps!”

🙋  Been in your shoes

💪  You’ve got this!

Pet parent perspectives

Tap into the shared knowledge and real-life experiences of fellow pet parents. Improve your understanding and get practical advice on your pet parenting journey.

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  AI Toolkit: Stool Photo Analysis

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newdogmom · Lifelog entry

Yesterday ∙ 12:03pm

“Defeated tummy troubles, for now! Found our inner peace ✌️”

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Diarrhea, Gassy

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23.5 lbs

Proactive Health Monitoring

Leverage AI-powered tools, like rapid photo analysis, fear-free trackers, and an innovative lifelogging feature, to seamlessly track and decode your pup's health narrative.

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Gain a balanced perspective on every pet parenting discussion with expert insights conveniently integrated into every aspect of the PupWise experience.

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Our carefully selected partners bring a wealth of well-earned knowledge and valuable resources to the PupWise community. This unique blend of content and conversation helps you navigate pet parenting with confidence.

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Join a growing community of pet parents passionately committed to making better life decisions for their pups.

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I love Pupwise. It’s where I can learn from both pet parents and experts. Plus, it keeps me organized by documenting Max’s life for me. Lots of great resources I never knew existed. A must-have for every pet parent.

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This little nugget is incredibly cute but also very naughty. Thank you for all of your suggestions for keeping him from turning our backyard into a minefield! It worked!

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Being a part of the Pupwise community has been a game-changer for me and my pup. It's amazing to have access to such a supportive and knowledgeable group of fellow dog owners.

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Hey everyone, sharing a quick teething tip. Freeze a damp cloth and give it to your pup as a chew toy. The cold helps soothe sore gums and the texture gives them a safe outlet for chewing. Try it!

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Obsessed with PupWise's AI stool analysis tool. Just have to snap a pic of your dog’s business and you immediately get back insights into your pup’s digestive health. Has saved us lots of trips to the vet.

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Since my dog's back surgery a few weeks ago, I've been following Dr. Dody's advice from PupWise's posted learnings and giving her massages to stimulate the nerves. It seems to be working wonders!

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PupWise's daily activities have been such a valuable resource for me and my pup. I love the daily learnings and the conversation starters pose thought-provoking scenarios for discussion. Thanks to PupWise, we're enjoying our parenthood journey even more!

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Our girl is a relentless counter surfer, but Gentle Beast's tips in the PupWise parenting library have been super helpful! If you have a counter surfer too, check them out.

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Our baby has lost 10 pounds! PupWise made it so easy to track his weight and discover tips and tricks on how to feed him a healthier diet.

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Puppy training is SO hard but we’re making process thanks to the suggestions from this community. Why do pups love flip-flops, socks and under garments so much - lol?

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I stress about being a good parent. Otto is my baby and when he’s acting different I worry something is wrong. For me, the most valuable part of PupWise is their parenting toolkit. I had no idea there were so many at-home health tools available to help alleviate the uncertainty.

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Feeling guilty that Maggie wasn't getting enough attention so was happy when we discovered a dog hiking service (tagged below) that's been a life-saver! Maggie goes 3 days a week and comes home happy and exhausted.

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I thought I was providing a balanced home cooked diet for my dog, but thanks to PupWise's nutrition-focused community, I realized I was missing essential nutrients for Rosco. Without their guidance, I wouldn't have known. Thanks PupWise!

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Just learned that food allergies in dogs can cause skin issues and typically develop around age 2. Thanks to a vet derm at MedVet, we're switching Leroy to a new diet to manage his allergies and improve his skin health. Feeling relieved.

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